The benefits of a water filter for the family

For Sydney mum Amanda Caunt, a water filter had been on her ‘wishlist’ for years. As a new mum she was cooking organic healthy meals for her young family but had began to question the quality of tap water she was using.

“One of the biggest triggers for me was that I was putting so much effort into feeding the family healthy food that was organic. So it seemed crazy to me to be then drinking water that had potential nasties in it,” says Amanda

Despite wanting a water filter for a long time she had held back due to a common misconception.

“I didn’t realize that you could have the inline one. I thought it had to be drilled into the sink.”

A Kitchen Renovation

It was buying a new house and a kitchen renovation that finally inspired Amanda to research the best water filter system.

Her dream kitchen was designed with granite bench tops and she didn’t want to drill into those … she also wanted a particular tap design. In her quest for the perfect water filter she discovered the WFA inline water filter.

“As soon as I saw it I knew it was the answer. We really poured our heart and soul into the kitchen renovation so we wanted to make sure that it looked the way we wanted it to look. It was a big bonus that we could choose our tap.”

Installing the inline water filter is a simple DIY job but Amanda chose to have it installed by the plumber who was also putting in her new sink. She was very happy with the result but was cautious to use the water at first.

“The only thing we were unsure about was the amount of filtered water we could use. As in the instructions it said it would last 12 months or however many litres. I didn’t know how much filtered water we would use and I was worried that there was a possibility that we would use that really quickly. Of course, we didn’t use more and it lasted the year, which I was thrilled with. So I was really happy about that.”

The only other thing Amanda was worried about was how would she know when the filtered water had run out and when to change the filter cartridge…

“I didn’t need to worry because the alarm beeped. Ordering and changing the inline cartridge was also simple and we replaced the cartridge ourselves and it was super easy.”

So Many Uses for Filtered Water

Since getting her new water filter Amanda hasn’t looked back.

She uses it for everything from her morning cuppa, lunchtime salad dressing; cooking healthy organic meals…

…even the family puppy loves his bowl of fresh filtered water.

“I use it for shakes and smoothies where I use water rather than milk. So once it is in the blender with the fruit you can’t even tell that it’s water and not milk.

I’ve also made almond milk with filtered water and I make my own bone broth. If I don’t want to use filtered water then I turn the tap to warm for washing up and stuff.”

Helping the Environment

As a keen environmentalist, Amanda is also very happy with the added bonus of owning a water filter… the fact that she is avoiding plastic bottles. In her words,

“It was definitely a big factor in choosing a water filter. We purposely do our shopping with the environment in mind, like shopping at naked food stores and all that. Unless we are out and there is nowhere for us to fill up our bottles then I will buy a plastic bottle. But I hate doing it with a passion. I might only do it a couple of times a year. It’s a very big factor to me to not have to do that.”

On the odd occasion that Amanda is forced to fill her bottle with regular tap water, she now really notices a difference.

“I can really taste that nasty chlorine taste. When I first got it I couldn’t but now that I’ve been drinking it for a year and a half now, I can really taste the difference.”

If you would like to make the switch to filtered water for your family, take a look around our online store or call our friendly customer service team.

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