What happens when your tap water smells bad?

What happens when the tap water smells bad? Firstly, it stops you and your family from drinking water from the tap. Additionally, you think twice about washing your food and doing the dishes, and you begin to feel uncomfortable around the kitchen sink, wondering if the water is safe.

Depending on where you live, most Australian towns and suburbs have access to good quality drinking water. It is treated with chlorine to disinfect and with fluoride for dental health. However, that does not always mean the tap water is tip top.

The main cause of the bad smell of water can be nasty bacteria building up in the drain.

The water smells like sewage, dirt or even rotten eggs

When bacteria are growing in your drain, the water will smell like sewage. This is common in many households and is the result of a number of influences. The water has been sitting idle for a while; however, it is more common in the summer months. High humidity and high temperatures are generally the culprits. When you experience a rotten egg smell it may be the result of a hot water heater running at a low temperature, or the presence of hydrogen sulphide gas in the water.

This smell is most common in water that filters through rock and organic materials (sometimes called hard water). An algae bloom at the water source is the most common cause of an earthy smell in water.

We recommend that you clean the drain. A mixture of water and baking soda at a 1:1 ratio poured down the drain and left for 20 mins then flushed with water should do the trick. Once the drain is cleaned, install an inline water filter that uses activated carbon for adsorption. The adsorption method attracts contaminants, particularly the bacteria that cause the water to smell like sewage, dirt or rotten eggs. These water filters are highly effective and in use in thousands of homes across Australia. The inline water filter will eliminate the effects of contaminated water and give you peace of mind that your water is safe and free from odour.

When the tap water smells like a swimming pool

When the tap water smells like a swimming pool it is generally the result of a high concentration of chlorine in the water. Most water sources use chlorine to disinfect the water, and the smell is very common. But this doesn’t mean it is pleasant or that you need to endure it. Running the tap for a few minutes will help alleviate the smell; however, this is a waste of a natural resource, and the high levels of chlorine will still be present in the water.

We have our inline water filter system designed and manufactured using the most sophisticated mechanical water filters available. Using the pores within the carbon, our water filters remove 99% of residual chlorine from the drinking water coming from your tap. It does not filter out any fluoride and ensures your water no longer smells or tastes like the local swimming pool.

Why your water has a metallic smell or taste

Corrosion of copper plumbing pipework is the most common cause of tap water having a metallic smell or taste. Around 90% of Australian homes have copper piping for internal plumbing and copper corrosion is a problem around the world. If your water appears cloudy or has a blue or blue-green hue, the internal copper plumbing is showing signs of corrosion. You will also notice a bluish-green stain around taps and basins. If this is a long-term occurrence you should engage a licensed plumber to assess the problem.

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What happens when your tap water smells bad?